Carpentry and furniture design catalogue branding

WHITE Carpentry & Woodworks

The branding for “WHITE,” a carpentry that specializes in custom furniture making, was developed with a strong emphasis on visual appeal and representation of the company’s identity. The logo, characterized by its clean and sharp lines and angles, exudes a sense of precision and meticulousness associated with carpentry craftsmanship. Notably, the letter “h” in the logo resembles a chair, effectively communicating the company’s specialization in furniture making.

To further enhance the brand’s visual impact, a carefully chosen color palette was employed. The earthy beige hue used in the branding evokes a warm and natural feel, aligning with the use of wood and other organic materials in carpentry. A soft off-white color was incorporated to convey elegance, cleanliness, and a sense of sophistication. Complementing these tones, a calming light blue shade was introduced, symbolizing trust, tranquility, and professionalism.